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Business Use Cases

  • Fair-Usage
    Allows to throttle bandwidth or blocks the usage when actual uses crosses threshold. http://x.co/kbfairu
  • Advice of Charge
    Provides a way for a Service Provider to show the imminent charges for a service in special circumstances to a subscriber and potentially get his consent before service delivery.  http://x.co/Adcharuc
  • Grace Period
    Enables a Service Provider to continue to give service for a grace period followed by expiry of a subscription http://x.co/gracepser
  • Bill Day Alerts
    Enables a service provider to push captive portal to users periodically before bill day approaches http://x.co/pcrfbdauc
  • Lawful Intercept
    Allows a Service Provider to comply to lawful intercept requirements and to proxy or fork signaling or media information to the LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) http://x.co/pcrflawiuc
  • Session Recycling
    Allows a Service Provider to drop ongoing sessions and restart fresh sessions as per policy http://x.co/pcrfsruc
  • Congestion Management
    Enables a service provider to control congestion on the network in conjunction with a congestion monitoring system http://x.co/pcrfran
  • Quota Based Bandwidth
    When a new Quota counter is created, its matching criteria is also selected. PCRF allows to change the bandwidth of the session if the session is matching the criteria of specific quota counters. http://x.co/ucqbb
  • Bill Shock Alerts
    Bill Shock Alerts are notifications sent to the customers when certain thresholds are crossed in terms of their usage. The use case requires near real-time functionality at the least to be useful. http://x.co/ucbsp
  • Per APN Policies
    APN (Access Point Names) is a configurable network identifier used by operator’s to enforce some policies based on the end point’s APN http://x.co/ucapn
  • PCR Based Promotions
    PCRF is connected to most network elements and if a promotion requires higher bandwidth or better QoS then PCRF is the right place to realize that promotion http://x.co/ucpromo
  • Access Network Based Controls
    An operator may offer different types of access networks and may want to have different policies. PCRF helps to realize all such policies based on access network. http://x.co/ucanc
  • Roaming Controls
    Operators need to apply different policies for QoS as well as charging when a user roams out of home network into a visited network. http://x.co/ucroam
  • QoS Assurance
  • Happy Hour
    Happy hour allows a service provider to announce a specific hour during the way when the usage for all or selected services / applications will either not charged totally or will be charged at a discounted rate. http://x.co/uchhour
  • Subscriber Profile Based Control
    Many policies may be based on individual subscriber’s data. For this AdvOSS AAA Applications are capable of pulling this data from any subscriber manager and feeding them to PCRF. http://x.co/ucspbc
  • DPI Use Cases
    Putting a deep packet inspection unit in its policy framework allows an operator to exercise more granular control down to a flow of application level in terms of policy control and charging. http://x.co/ucdpi

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